Palussa Groups SAS, will make merchandise changes within a maximum period of 15 calendar days, from the delivery date.
Buyer Guarantee Policies; If the item you purchased has any quality or suitability issue, and you have complied with all care and washing recommendations, and the term of the warranty offered to you has not expired, you can process your warranty request as follows form: go with the garment in optimal hygiene conditions to the facilities of PALUSSA GROUP SAS (carrera 17 # 142-07) The shipping costs of the garments will be assumed by the buyer, remember that the product must arrive with labels and tags, unused and in perfect condition (original packaging) If the product does not comply with the exchange conditions, we will inform you by email of the reason why we did not make the change and the product will be sent again to the initial delivery address No panty changes are done. In order to meet your request for the effectiveness of the guarantee, we will proceed in the terms and according to the rules established in Title III, Chapter I of Law 1480 of 2011 - Consumer Protection Statute and Decree 735 of 2013.

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L'Palussa lingerie, is characterized by its advice on sizing and custom work when clients require it without having an additional value

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