Lencería para tu cuerpo

lingerie for your body

As Aristotle said, the body is the instrument of the soul and for this reason we must take care of it and demonstrate, through your best version, how beautiful it is.
One of the best ways to highlight your body is through lingerie. We know that sometimes wearing this type of clothing can scare us, however, a good garment that fits your body perfectly is capable of highlighting your sensuality and reaffirming your confidence.
We want you to love your body and exalt all its attributes, which is why in this article we will talk about the types of bodies that exist and what style of lingerie best suits them.
1. Triangle type: Its most important feature is that its hips are wider compared to the upper part of the body. We recommend you visually balance these proportions by means of pieces such as bodysuits that have ruffles and impressive textures on the upper part or tray necks with wide sleeves.
2. Inverted triangle type: Totally opposite to those mentioned above, are those who have their shoulders wider compared to their hips. We recommend garments that provide volume to the lower part of your body or accentuate your hips such as garter belts or tights with striking prints.
3. Rectangular type: They are those bodies in which their hips and shoulders have the same measurement and their waist is not very defined. Bodysuits with necklines, garter belts, sets that highlight your waist, bust and hips are the ones to highlight your beauty.
4. Hourglass Type: Relative to the aforementioned body type, the hourglass body has proportional shoulders and hips, yet its waist is defined and petite. Any type of lingerie is ideal for this type.
5. Diamond type: Covers those bodies that have a wide abdomen, along with narrow hips and shoulders. Garments such as bodysuits with deep necklines or with elements that provide volume on the shoulders and hips are indicated for this type of body.
6. Apple Type: This body has both wide waist, shoulders and hips, so it's important to wear slightly loose pieces that accentuate your abdomen and give you a small appearance compared to the upper and lower body.
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