Hablemos de senos

Let's talk about breasts

Absolutely all women are unique and unrepeatable. Her authenticity is reflected in her personality, her character and in the shape of her body, especially that of the bust.
The latter is the one that keeps track of its history; from your genetic heritage to your lifestyle.
We want you to explore and get to know your body, for this reason, in this post we will talk about the 9 existing forms of breasts and which underwear suits them best.
1. Round breasts: They are those whose upper and lower parts look equally proportional, which allows them to have a round appearance. The structure of this type of bust allows the use of any type of bralette since they do not need an underwire.
2. Asymmetrical Breasts: This category includes busts that have one breast larger than the other. Sometimes this difference is almost imperceptible and other times, the difference is usually easy to appreciate. We know that this category sounds intimidating, but don't worry, this type of breast is the most common among women, in fact, experts dare to affirm that most breasts are asymmetrical. For this type of bust, we recommend that you guide yourself by the size of the largest breast, with bras that have underwire to give your breasts better support.
3. Bell Breasts: These tend to have a slightly elongated appearance as they are thin on top and wide on the bottom. They are also heavier than those mentioned above. As with asymmetrical breasts, we recommend the use of an underwire bra with wide straps.
4. Teardrop Breasts: They are wider at the top if you compare them to their relatives, the bell breasts; at the bottom they tend to be rounder with a gentle slope. This type of bust, like the round ones, can use any type of bra or bralette.
5. Relaxed breasts: This type of bust has an elongated appearance since its tissue is not tense and its nipples point downwards. We suggest you wear a bra that provides back support, with underwires and wide straps.
6. East - West Breasts: This type of bust has two fundamental characteristics, the first is that the nipples point in opposite directions towards the outside and the second is the space between the breasts, which makes them look quite far apart. We advise you to use a bralette or brassier with crossed straps or another type of strap that allows you to bring your breasts towards the center of your chest.
7. Lateral breasts: Family of the East - West breasts, these have a fairly wide space between the breasts, their only difference is that the nipples do not point towards the cardinal points. Like the breasts mentioned above, we recommend wearing clothes with crisscross straps.
8. Athletic Breasts: This type of bust has three fundamental characteristics: They are muscular, wider and with less breast tissue. We suggest you use bralettes since due to their shape they do not need underwire support.
9. Thin breasts: They have an elongated appearance since they are wide at the top and their size is reduced at the bottom. Like athletic breasts, these do not have a lot of breast tissue, which is why they are considered a small bust. That category allows you to wear any type of bralette or bra, however, we recommend wearing bras that have a balconette cut to give them lift.
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