El comienzo

The beginning

 L'palussa is the lingerie brand that the designer and passionate about fashion, Francy Salazar, and the enthusiastic business administrator, Harold Rodríguez, bet on as a life project.
In mid-2015, with a sewing machine from their living room, this couple, driven to provide a better future for their son, began a project full of passion for design and creativity, with which they wanted to highlight the feminine beauty in each one. of its singularities.
At first they were not clear that lingerie would be their goal, in fact, the first making of bralettes was given out of curiosity and the desire to experiment with fabrics and patterns. It was thanks to the reception that these bralettes had in their first clients through social networks and their first fairs, that they continued with their design.
Time passed and more people began to arrive, some of them wanted other designs, other colors, and even complete outfits; for which they decided to expand into the design of lingerie. Francy and Harold realized that they could fulfill their purpose of making each woman feel special in her own body, if they channeled L'Palussa as a brand that highlights the value of the female body. Years later they started with their online store and some time later they opened their first physical store.
They assure that L'palussa is their best school, that with their ups and downs they have learned to give everything of themselves to get ahead and be their mutual support at any time. Today they continue to dream bigger and bigger, thanking each one of the people who was and is part of their history that, between measurements, lace and threads, continues to form.
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