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Merry Manifestations Kit

Merry Manifestations Kit

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This year we arrive with the 2nd Edition Merry Manifestations 💫 a kit that will take you to carry out a manifestation experience for this 2024. It is a very easy ritual that will give you magic this end of the year.
What should you do:

1. Acquire the color of the kit you want to attract this 2024:
💛 Yellow Kit if you want to manifest success, abundance and prosperity.
❤️ Red Kit if you want to express love with yourself or with others
🖤 ​​Black Kit if you want to manifest an active sexuality with a lot of eroticism.

2. Light the body candle from the @isashii_artesanal brand, apply to the body and enjoy its aroma and softness.

3. Use quartz, rub the stone to charge it with your energy.

4. Write your wishes for the next year on the manifestation postcard and visualize the trip you want to take by placing the destination on the travel postcard.

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